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Cycle of conferences on the subject of security #Áfricaesnoticia: Questions related to security in Sahel and western Africa*

The security challenges existing both in western Africa and Sahel are of increasing concern. The effects of armed groups in the region, climate change and over the past year, COVID – 19, have turned the region into the perfect storm, and now safety and stability are hanging by a thread in an area which was already a problematic one.

For this reason, Casa África is organising four online seminars based on the knowledge of experts and the parties involved. The objective of these meetings is twofold:

  1. to increase understanding in Spain of various aspects related to security in the region, which is of prime concern for our country,
  2. to generate a space which will provide a voice for both Spanish and African experts, and as a result, generate contact networks and mutual understanding.

Each of the participants will draw up a document of analysis for their particular specialist field, thus increasing the amount of information available regards security on the African continent.

During the seminars, topics such as: security in the seas of the Gulf of Guinea; terrorism in Sahel; the humanitarian crisis in northern Nigeria, with emphasis on the presence of Boko Haram in the area; or food safety, migration and climate change in Sahel will be covered.

The dates and topics for the seminars, which will take place on line at 6 p.m. (Madrid time) are as follows:


*This activity has received a grant from the Ministry of Defence.

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